Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Damp Discovery!

So, after posting my first blog, full of excitement and ideas about how Morris will look once finished, I am now filled with dread after discovering the reality of the task in hand...

Having opened up all cupboards and cleaned everywhere, we have discovered that there are 4 areas of DAMP! One of these areas is particularly bad - at the back of the van.

 (Looks lovely here - not so much now!!)

On removing part of the wall covering, we now know that not only is the wall behind the vinyl completely disintegrating, but the timber framework that it attaches to has rotted through!

However, we have made real steps forward today. Not only have we managed to remove all the interal cupboards and shelves (this was a real pain as they have been screwed in from the outside and the screws were not accessible so we have literally had to saw them off) but we have exposed the whole wall. We still haven't discovered the culprit of the damp, but suspect it is from an aerial fitting right at the top corner at the back of the van (screwed in from the outside and not sealed).

Once we have done this, it will just be a case of removing the outside screws and trim, removing the old sealant, removing the dodgy paintwork by the previous owner, repainting the whole outside, resealing the whole outside, then replacing the internal timber frame, the plywood walls, the vinyl coverings and we are pretty much there! Simples! (Oh God, someone please help us!)

These (above) are photos of where we were up to last week. I will add photos of today's work when my stiff back (Morris felt fit to drop a heavy shelf onto my lower back where I now have a huge bruise) has abated tomorrow!

Thanks again for looking, Tanya

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