Sunday, 24 June 2012

Almost finished really (or not ...)

So we have spent another day working on Morris and have done a great deal. This is the first day I feel we have made real progress, probably due to us actually adding to the van rather than taking stuff away!

So we have finished emptying the back corner, and have cleaned and sealed inside to allow that section to dry out temporarily before the weather keeps dry enough (not sure if this will ever happen!!) to take the seals off and repaint / re-seal properly from the outside:

We have also taken the back trims from the interior back wall of the van, sanded, white spirited and painted with ivory matt melamine paint.

And finally, we purchased some boat type "wood effect" vinyl covering from B&Q and covered one door in this to decide whether this was something we wanted to do all over the van. We're not sure we can tell yet, until the cream has dried and we can attach the door back to the trim. Let us know what you think anyway -! Thanks for reading :)


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