Monday, 16 July 2012

Just about ready for our first road trip!

So, we have had a mega weekend working on Morris, I am totally knackered! However, it has all been worth it as we are now ready for my birthday treat, our first weekend away in our van.

One huge bit of work we have done that has made a big difference is finally having enough nice weather to paint the exterior of 2 sides of the van. We have painted the top an antique white, and the whole of the bottom half (not just a stripe as previously) in "holiday blue". I am really pleased with the colour as it looks a bit like a sunny sky and follows the nautical theme that we are going with.

Pete has also made massive progress with the interior. Not only has he sealed the leak and made the back end of Morris water tight, but has fitted a new interior timber frame, filled inbetween with polystyrene and finally cut and fitted the plywood boards. We have drawn the timber frames behind onto the front of the ply wood so that we can see where we are screwing the shelving units back in. You won't be able to see this when we are finished as we are going to re-wallpaper.

Once we are back from our short break, we will need to crack on with sealing and re-building the front end of Morris as this is damp also, and painting the other two sides of the van. It is then just a case of making cosmetic changes like re-wallpapering, covering the interior cupboard doors, painting the cream areas and replacing the floor and lights. We are going to do this at a much slower pace however, so that we can ensure we meet our deadline for May 2013, but is not going to tire us out in the meantime! I may therefore update this blog slightly less regularly, but will make sure that when I do, it is even more exciting!

Thanks for reading,

Tanya and Pete

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