Sunday, 8 July 2012

Huge jumps forward!

I didn't update the blog last week, more out of frustration than anything else. I spent a great deal of last weekend preparing for putting a white undercoat on one side of Morris, and Pete (my husband) continued to re-build the internal frame in the bottom left corner.

Unfortunately, the weather turned horrific and we had to abandon our hopes at getting a great deal done. This felt very disheartening and put me off doing much on Morris until the weather cheered up. It did cheer up and we had quite a nice evening on Thursday. I still wasn't quite in the caravan mood however, and instead went for a walk up some hills in the sunshine, stopping off at a lovely pub on the way home for a bowl of chips whilst watching the sunset.

So this weekend, I thought I should really make up for my neglect. I therefore got up early on Saturday morning, and proceeded to go and get my hair styled and had some beauty treatments. Don't worry, all is not lost for Morris, as I then came home and spent the afternoon continuing my painting prep whilst Pete did more work inside.

Then this morning (a Sunday!!) I was up at 8:30am adding the white external paint to one side. Whilst this was drying, I prepared and also painted the rear of the van. I used a paint recommended on a number of caravan forums. This is called "Tinkers Paint". (I apologise if this name is a little non pc - this is what it is called!). This is basically 75% exterior gloss paint and 25% yatch varnish.

After painting prep last weekend:

After first coat of Tinkers Paint - I feel another coat will be necessary - however the top half of Morris will remain white, from the bottom trim, we have chosen a lovely light blue colour - the Dulux Name for this is aptly "Holiday Blues":

And here is the bottom coat also on the rear of the van:


Whilst I worked on the oustide, Pete carried on his stirling work on the interior of the van. Here it is now most of the frame work is in. This has now prevented any water coming in at the back of the van, and all there is to do is add some polysterene (my neighbour has very kindly given us lots of this), add the ply wood boards and paper.

This message I am hoping will be read in another 30 years time, when Morris has continued to give families (including mine) lovely DRY holidays!!

I hope you agree that our work is progressing. It better had be as we have booked to go away in Morris the van very soon!

Thanks for reading, Tanya and Pete :)

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