Sunday, 21 October 2012

Finally work has re-started ...

So due to a variety of other commitments (holidays, family circumstances etc.) work stopped for a number of weeks on Morris the caravan. This was the cause of much frustration as we are getting ever nearer our May 2013 deadline.

However, over the last two weekends, progress has been made. Last weekend, we finally received our second batch of Sikaflex and were able to complete the re-seal of the entire exterior. Finally I can now say that Morris is entirely water tight.

We made more visual progress this weekend though. We, today, managed to insert the corner cupboard at the rear end of the van. We decided to add this before completing the wallpapering due to fear of scratching the covering when adding the woodwork, We were also concerned that we would be unable to determine the location of the batons to screw the shelves into once the paper was up. Pete therefore fixed the first one on today (my help mainly consisted of passing tools whilst chatting on the phone to a friend!) and he then put a thin second coat of specialist melamine cream paint onto the wood work (I obviously couldn't do this as I have just had my nails done).

I did, however, add some silver tape to the trim on the cupboard doors to prevent peeling.

So OK I admit it, not loads of progress, but enough to feel that we have done something. We have decided to spend an entire day next weekend on Morris so that we can add the remaining shelves and the paper. Will update then!

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