Sunday, 17 February 2013

Getting ready for our first trip of 2013!

So Christmas has been and gone and even though I have been enjoying the festivities, I have comtinued with the caravan restoration in the more warmer setting of mine or my mother in laws homes. I have now finished all but the longest of the cushions, covering them in my soft thick beige material. I have velcroed the ends so I can remove the cushions to wash if I need to. The only one I haven't done is the lengthy cushoin at the back of the van. I will do this ASAP. (The caravan cushions are the ones stacked on top of my sofa!).

Today we finally had a bit of spring like weather so were able to get inside. We have removed the folding cover over the sink / hobs (which we are going to cover with the plastic style mosaic tiles) and removed the mouldy bottom of the door. We intend to fill this with checker plate or that effect to give it a 50's retro style. We will do the same to the top ASAP.

And finally Morris has had a little more exposure recently. Two weeks ago I came second on Signal 1's Super Fast Super Simple Quiz and used my short time on the radio to discuss my 1970's caravan restoration!

We are soon to go away in Morris for the first time in 2013 so should have a spurt in progress over the next few weeks. I will update when I can!

Thanks for reading

Tanya :)

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