Sunday, 9 December 2012

A spurt of progress just before Christmas

So, one of my fellow caravan friends gave me their two most recent copies of "Caravan Magazine". I love this magazine as it gives some really useful tips on the best time to go out in your van, some lovely sites and stories of caravanning in a certain year. In the November / December edition, they concentrated on 1962. I know this is a good ten years before our van was built, but it also talks about the progress of caravans through different years. And on one of the years was the "1975 Elddis Tornado". The little photo is lovely as it looks just like good old Morris! Seeing this reminded me why I was doing the work in the first place and motivated me into getting more done.

Therefore, this morning, I was up, ready and working in the van by 10am (this is very early for me) and by 2pm, had managed (with a little help from a reluctant Pete) to finish the "blue" wallpaper at the back of the van, and if I say so myself, think it looks pretty fetching! Here's some pics.

Also, I asked Pete to fit the cupboard door where my stripes have finished drying. I am still not convinced by these - but maybe this is because it is a bit out of context at the mo. Unfortunately, whilst this was being fitted, some of the cream paint (that I think is a load of old rubbish now BTW) has chipped (yet again)! I am therefore going to search for some better cream paint to go over the top of this, and to start the the front bits a-fresh with the new paint.

Thanks for reading and have a nice Christmas!

Tanya (and Pete).

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