Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ready for an Easter trip that was never to be!

So, we have made lots and lots of progress on Morris. Unfortunately, we made a real push to get lots done on the premise of having a weekend away over Easter bank holiday. With the weather being extremely cold, snowy and icy, we have had to cancel.

Although this is a shame, because we have finished off the entire of the back end of the van, cleaned it thoroughly outside and finished the bathroom other than the floor, I feel that this has been worth it. It feels like real progress has been made and that it is poised ready for when the weather cheers up and we can get out in it again.

Only sour point, the caravan site we were wanting to stay in, I won't mention any names, have refused to hold our deposit until we are able to get down there when the snow clears. What a miserable couple! Never mind. Here are some photos of our progress, hope you like and thanks for reading, Tanya, :)

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