Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Missed the deadline but still going!

So, when I set up this blog, I promised that we would get Morris finished by 28th May, 2013 (our wedding anniversary). Well, if I am going to be completely honest with myself and you, we have missed the deadline. I can't really give an excuse, other than the winter this year has been bitterly cold so it has taken us quite some time to feel warm and motivated enough to get outside and get the work done. Also, we have just come back from a week in Norway to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. Another place I would like to go in the van!

However, we have still made a a great deal of progress and I feel sure that by the end of June 13, we will be pretty much finished.

We have now taken apart the front end of the van and were pleasantly surprised by the state that it was in. Yes, it was damp, but a great deal of the wood frame-work had not been affected and was still in one piece. It seemed to be a rogue screw in the top corner of the right side of the van at the front that was causing most of the problems, as you can see.

However, we have rectified this problem. We have removed the rusty screw and replaced it with a new one, and has used Sikaflex to seal the screw hole on the outside and inside. This has seemed to be effective.

We have then removed the old and rotting wooden frame, added a new wooden frame, and tonight, on one side, added new polystyrene insulation and wood panels.

I am now hopeful to have the rest of the insulation and panels on by the end of the weekend. I then just need to paper the front (as per the back's theme) and re-attach the seats and cupboards. I have painted these, around the kitchen, the ceiling of the bathroom and made a strip of quirky tiles to get a great deal of the finishing touches sorted.

After this weekend, and the bits are re-attached, there are a few little jobs I want to get done (however, me and Pete can get away before this). These are:
*New LED strip lights around the front and back cupboards
*New boat effect pine table at the front
*New metal cover for the hobs to ensure the kitchen area is safe
*New boat effect flooring made of lino
*Few bits of the ceiling re-fitted
*New porta-potti
*Get the gas and electricity safety tested

We are then considering the possibility of hiring Morris out to other families for cheap holidays. We are not sure of the implications of this, or whether there would be any interest. Email me on if you would be interested in hiring Morris for vintage shows, weekends, weddings, parties or holidays and we would be happy to consider your suggestions.

As ever, thank you for reading.

Tanya, Pete (and Winter the dog - she likes to get in the photos where she can!!).

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