Monday, 5 August 2013

Just over a year later - And we're finished!!

So it's taken just over a year, and we've finally done it. We have finished Morris the Van.

So what have we done since the last time I blogged? Well first and foremost, we have got the new gas connected up, courtesy of an old school friend Matt. The van now has a new high pressure gas pipe which connects directly to the grill / hob, thus negating the need for gas to go elsewhere in the van. Also, the connections have been tested and I have a shiny safety certificate to say Morris is ready to roll!

Also, with a little (well maybe a great deal) of help from my mother in law Erica and husband Pete, I have finished the new caravan curtains. I got the material for these at a real bargain, £16 for 5 meters at Dunelm. It is really thick too.

We have just come back from testing the van out in the Lakes. Other than the bottom cushions (the ones you sit on), these are all covered, the curtains are finished, the damp is eradicated and all the walls are papered, the painting is finished, the kitchen area (with tiling) is finished, and the exterior is complete. We even treated ourselves to a new Karzi toilet for the bathroom (a treat in the middle of the night, I assure you!!).

So, if I was going to be really picky, what is left to do (at a nice steady pace) in the van? Well, I would still like to add a replacement floor, the electrics have been safety tested and with a few amendments meet the criteria but I just need a certificate. I need to finish the last few covers and I would love to get the water pump working on the sink (as at the moment, water has to be poured into it). I would also like to change the front table into a more "nautically themed" one, but this can be replaced in time.

I hope you are as pleased as I am that it is finished. We plan to enjoy going away in the van a few more times ourselves and then will consider hiring him out for the holiday season either later this year or in 2014 (all being well).

What next? Another Van to add to the fleet of course!! Just need to convince the husband.

Thank you for reading and I hope your projects are as successful as ours!

Tanya and Pete (and Winter the dog).


  1. Thank you for your blog. I've just bought a 4 berth caravan which my wife, children and I plan to restore over this winter and try out next spring and summer. Your blog is so interesting, informative and inspiring. Sincere thanks.

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  3. Thank you for the blog ! I've really enjoyed it, we've had our van for a while now and on finding damp this year we have decided that this is a great opportunity to get the van we want and the way we want it so thanks again and hope you are enjoying Morris !

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  5. I have been trawling the internet for a fun, yet informative vintage caravan, and yours is really one of the best. I found lots of professional blogs, but they did not compare to yours. Morris, himself, has also greatly inspired us because, as you can probably guess, we also are doing a vintage caravan and a blog. ( - I have linked to you) Thank you for your all-round inspiration.

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