Sunday, 23 June 2013

Almost there, I mean it this time!

We truly are almost there. I think we were right to say the end of June for our revised deadline and I don't think we will be far off. A great deal has happened since I last wrote. Our kind neighbour, Nigel, has taken a look at our electrics and ran a couple of checks. Morris passed these with flying colours and with a few little tweaks, we shall soon have a safety certificate. An old school friend, Matt, has very kindly taken a look at the gas for me. He has decided that to completely disconnect the old copper system and install a new high pressure gas hose system would be much safer. I have therefore got a shopping list of things to buy from our local caravan parts retailer and we will have a completely new and safe gas system soon. I will then have a gas safety certificate to match the electricity one!

Once we have these, we are going to consider looking into public liability insurance. If this is reasonable, we will consider hiring Morris out for other lucky families.

As well as this, we have made huge progress with finishing off the interior of the van. As you can see, just before the weekend, my husband (mainly - I helped a little) had managed to finish the fibre board coverings (with new wooden frame and insulation) at the front.

Then, by close of play Saturday, we managed to finish the blue wallpaper. Not only this, but I managed to have quite a spending spree at Dunelm. I got some lovely vinyl with similar caravans on it to Morris (for the door) and I got a cracking deal on my curtain fabric. I decided to go for a pink to give a shot of colour. The material I got is really good quality and enough to cover all the windows (5.5mtrs) only cost me £16!!

Then, by the end of the day today (Sunday), all the wallpapering and painting is finished, new crystal door knobs have been purchased and fitted all round  and other than re-fitting the beds at the front, putting in new flooring and a couple of new lights, we are done!!

A big thank you to my husband Pete, who has made the door look fab now!

We are hoping by the end of this week we will have the van finished entirely and can move it to its new home on a little farm. We are then all ready and set for the summer to carry on our adventures.

Thanks for reading, Tanya (Pete and Winter the dog).

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