Sunday, 25 November 2012

Finally, a bit of sophistication

So finally, I have managed to introduce a bit of sophistication into our quirky little Morris. I want to keep the "shabby chiq" style with the bunting and the nautical theme, but I wanted to contrast this with the expensive look wall coverings that I saw in the caravan book as quoted in one of my previous posts.

I have therefore bought a lovely wallpaper from B&Q in deep blue. It is covered in a floral pattern that is raised, thus giving texture to the walls, but I am only adding it to the ends of the van so as not to make it look too small. It has taken quite a while to prepare for this. As well as ensuring the walls are clean, I have had to mix up a quantity of paste and paint the walls allowing to dry first. This ensures that the paper is going to stick very well and not peel in the future as the wooden boards it is attached to aren't porous. The only warning I would give with this is that the wallpaper sticks so well, you need to ensure it is in the right place as it doesn't "slide" like it would usually.

Here's a pic:

In contrast, I have gone for something fairly plain and still along the nautical theme for the cupboard doors - a light blue stripe in the same "holiday blue" as the exterior. The only slight problem I have faced - even through it was a number of days since I finished the stripes, they still feel rather tacky. I am therefore going to wait and see how long it takes for them to dry before starting any more. Here's a sneak peek!

Next steps? Well to be honest, it is only a few weeks now til Christmas, it is very cold in the van (it is not plugged into the electrics whilst sat on the drive) and we are going away at some point, so I don't think we will make much further progress before then. However, as long as the light blue paint sets on my cupboard doors, I would like to get a few more painted with different size and shapes stripes to add to that higgeldy piggeldy look. I would also like to finish off the wallpapering at the back of the van and get the cupboard doors back on. I would also like to get a few more cushion covers completed at my mother in laws house. So, I probably won't write for a few weeks and update again when I have made more progress.

Then after xmas - need to pull apart the front interior of the van and do the curtains / floor. Exciting!!

Thanks for reading.

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